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It tastes so ... mmh!

360 degrees self-sufficient with food and energy. Everything organic - on your plate and on the farm.

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Milk becomes cheese.

Our milk is processed into cheese, butter or yoghurt on the farm. The pigs deliver us bacon, salami, house sausages or liver sausage. Of course, our jams are also self-made - as are our juices and syrups from the orchard and herb garden.


Organic super enjoyment breakfast

The fresh butter on home-baked bread, with chives from your own garden - it couldn't be better: Our "organic super enjoyment breakfast" gives you the energy for a wonderful day of your vacation!


This is how nature tastes

And no matter whether Camembert, Glundner, colorful cream cheese balls or meaty things like beef ham and Osso Collo: everything is homemade with us. And of course organic! In the evening we like to serve our popular tomato and mozzarella salad or a hearty snack. This is how nature tastes.

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